The Hawaii Government Launched Safe Travel Hawaii Program: DO’s & Don’ts


Hawaii, the queen of the specific ocean, is located in the Western U.S. Though there is no need to introduce the island to anyone, we cannot control ourselves to describe the beauty of the place. If there is any paradise near the ocean, it is probably in Hawaii.

From sunrise to sunset, you won’t be able to take your eyes off Hawaii’s natural beauty. Even if you are not a nature fan, Hawaii has everything to make you feel relaxed. However, traveling to Hawaii is difficult after the Corona pandemic, especially with all those restrictions.

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Hawaii & COVID Protocol


However, Corona shut the entire traveling industry down in 2019 and continued until 2021. There is no exception in Hawaii. Now just like other industries, the travel industry is also opening tourist places and relaxing their restrictions.

For example, on April 18, 2022, the U.S. federal government removed mask restrictions. Several airlines also relaxed the rule. However, there are some precautions you must maintain to save yourself and others. Here in this article, we will discuss the subject- of Safe Travel Hawaii.

What Precautions Do You Need to Follow for Hawaii?

We will guide you through all the mandatory tasks before you visit Hawaii so that you can do Safe Travel Hawaii without any restrictions imposed by the government or the doctor. There are five things you must do to do safe traveling. But before that, you must know about the COVID-related protocols issued by the state government of Hawaii.

State Government’s Protocol

Now State authority of Hawaii has already relaxed most of the COVID-related restrictions, but there are a few that the government will not remove right now.

Mandatory Protocols Before Visiting Hawaii

  • Different Restrictions for Domestic and International Travelers- After the huge damage, the state government and the U.S. Government do not want to take any risk. That is why it is mandatory for those traveling through International Airport to comply with the U.S federal requirements. But if you are a domestic traveler, can feel relaxed as there is no restriction.
  • Vaccine and Booster Shots- No matter where you live, you will not be allowed to enter Hawaii if you have not taken your vaccine and booster shots. And even if you have taken all the vaccines and booster shots, you need to provide the relevant documents as a record.
  • COVID Test Should Have been done in 3 Days- When you travel to Hawaii or even any other state or country, taking a COVID Test before you leave the house is recommended. Without proper examination, no Airline will allow you to travel. However, you can do a test with a self-testing kit. But make sure you have done the test within three days before the departure.

Mandatory Protocols While Staying in Hawaii

  • Mask and Protection-Now, the Hawaii government and the U.S. government have relaxed mask-related restrictions. But please wear a mask while traveling through public transport or around a crowd.
  • Maintain Distance- it is better to maintain 3 feet distance from non-household members. People visiting Hawaii should avoid crowded places like carnivals, common markets, and shopping malls to follow Safe Travel Hawaii.
  • Carrying Sanitizer and hand wash- It is better to carry and uses Sanitizer while staying in Hawaii. And if possible, you should carry the handwash as well. Because to be safe there, you must wash and sanitize your hands while coming in contact with any common surface used by non-household people.

Mandatory Protocols After Leaving Hawaii

  • Take a test if you have a cough, fever or chills, dyspnea, or breathing issues, and see if you have COVID after returning from Hawaii.
  • Make a distance from people if you identify any COVID symptoms.

Now you have to keep a few more things in mind-

  • Do not travel if you have recovered from COVID within the past three months.

Tips for Safe Travel Hawaii

The government issued the above protocols to keep yourself while traveling to Hawaii. But there are a few tips you can take as suggestions during Safe Travel Hawaii.

 Safe Travel Hawaii

  1. Register your name and plan in the Safe Travel Hawaii Program- The State of Hawaii has introduced a new Safe Travel Hawaii Program. Any domestic visitor above 18 should register their name with the program. The whole program is designed to reduce airport screening and processing time. Registration is mandatory for every adult, and anyone planning to visit the place must register their name and detailed plan before the tour.
  2. Make sure to take a pre-visit test from Hawaii’s trusted testing partner- Unfortunately, Hawaii has its own trusted testing partner list. And to enter Hawaii, you must complete your test from one of the places included in the list. However, the list is vast, and many local pharmacies are included.
  3. Follow all the protocols issued by the government- The Protocols issued by the Government of Hawaii have previously been mentioned. To Safe Travel Hawaii, you have to follow this protocol as mentioned.
  4. Pre-booking a hotel with transportation- It would be better to book the hotel and transportation earlier. Because Hawaii will finally be available to the common people after so long, no one will miss the opportunity. Though the authority is trying hard to control this situation, it is better to pre-book your hotel earlier.

Again, avoiding public transportation is one of the most important parts of Safe Travel Hawaii because the more people visit there, the more crowded the transport system will be. So, it is better to choose a hotel that will offer you pick and drop service.

Final Words

As we said, Hawaii is now open to everyone, and no one will miss the opportunity. No wonder we all need a vacation after the COVID pandemic. Now Hawaii has it all to remove all our stress and heal our bodies and mind. But it is also mandatory to have a safe and secure vacation. We have given you almost all the necessary information, but if you want to do more research, you can check the Safe Travel Hawaii Program issued by the Hawaii Government.

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