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You can ask ten random people in your group about their passion; six out of ten are most likely to say traveling. Most people have been influenced by youtube, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

A recurring word is now a staple in any conversation related to traveling. The term is Backpacking.

Backpacking is traveling with your clothes packed in a backpack and staying in less expensive places. There is a bump up in the number of backpackers.

Backpacking has now entered the mainstream, with some kind of glamour associated with it. Since young people are more impressionable, Backpacking has become a part of most people’s bucket lists. Travel inn motel culture has an audience of families, couples, and aged people.

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travel in motel

People enjoy traveling by public transport and staying in hostels and homestays. They consider it a natural form of traveling as they live like people in that area do. Mass tourism only shows the destination everybody goes to. It only gives a platonic experience to the traveler.

Backpacking involves interaction with local people, and travelers consume local products. These benefit the local businesses more.

Why has Backpacking become a trend?

There are multiple reasons why people opt for Backpacking. Below mentioned reasons are the major ones which all the backpackers have in common. If you are a backpacker, some of them must be your reasons to start backpacking. Travel inn motel are a part of famous traveling expeditions, but homestays and dorms are now replacing them.

Backpacking benefits and what  makes people opt for this

Backpacking is not only economically beneficial, but it also helps in enhancing creativity. Backpacking is also great exercise. People who travel like nomads from one place to another develop a unique perspective about people and life. According to some research, Backpacking contributes to better mental health and overall well-being. Following are some benefits of Backpacking you must know before making any decision. Travel inn motel can provide you with all the comfort and luxury but staying in local houses is an experience that’ll stay with you for a very long time.

travel in motel

Backpacking allows you to travel the world.

Backpacking is the best option to see the world on a limited budget. You’ll have to keep your living standards one step lower. Eating local food and sharing a bathroom and hostel room with other people. But it is a fantastic way to see different environments at low costs.

It boosts your confidence and makes you a more vital human being.

Backpacking allows you to experience your surroundings more fiercely. You might face language problems within the country or be unfamiliar with the food and culture. Our senses provoke different emotions and feelings. The sense of smell has a robust connection with the connection you form with the surroundings. Therefore, you’ll have to face different unknown scents. You’ll get to know new people, cultures, and differences from what you have experienced before. The “on the road”  experience engraves a strong mark of strength and confidence.

Backpacking experience engraves a strong mark of strength and confidence.

Backpacking does not promise any fixed timetable. Your day is not planned out; it depends on the mood and what you feel like doing. Sometimes one feels like moving to see more countryside, or you can stay in one place to explore it more. There is no room for FOMO, i.e., Fear of missing out as one goes for things one feels like doing. Travel inn motel keeps you in a protected environment which is excellent for a person who’s traveling with family. For a solo traveler or someone traveling in a group, Backpacking is a better option.

One becomes carefree and more open Minded after a backpacking journey

We, humans, seek freedom. Deep within, we crave it. And once we get what we wish for in life, it gives an exciting and unique perspective. Backpackers become more open-minded and carefree. After experiencing various cultures and lifestyles, backpackers tend to have a different views on life. The more laid-back way to live life is much needed as an escape from the hustling and bustling of daily lives.

History of Backpacking and how it became mainstream

Urbanization led to a boom in outdoor recreation. People started escaping ties for a time in the woods. Earlier, people liked traveling overland, or they took traditional routes, but rising interest in the activity inspired Purpose-built travel worldwide. Later several long-distance trails started getting popularity. Travel inn motel were introduced to provide people with a comfortable stay during their journey. Backpackers are mostly adventure enthusiasts. Comfort at the cost of boredom is not their forte.

 How to get started with your backpacking adventure?

You win half the race when you initiate something. Similarly, to start Backpacking, Choose a destination and plan a trip. You can go for hikes which are close to your home. Travel inn motel might be an option for the initial days of your stay. Get your essential gear and clothing. You can even scrounge and borrow equipment. Plan what you are going to eat. Just-add-water meals are the best options for your survival; these meals are available in your local stores. You can even go for some easy-to-cook options. Also, pack plenty of snacks for the trip. These will save you from midnight hunger. Travel inn motel will provide you meals at your doorstep. But, living in tents or dorms and cooking for yourself adds to the taste of food. Traveling is a passion for many, and with time it’s taking different shapes. Travel inn motel are still comfortable options for travelers who don’t have a nag for going the extra mile. Backpacking is new to many people because we are used to the typical mass tourism. For those who wish to taste some raw and real adventures of traveling, Backpacking is the best option for them. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your journey.

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