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Travel does not just make your body and mind healthy; it also feeds your soul. The relationship between soul and travel is more profound than the darkest hour of the night. And it becomes more special when we are treated as unique. I am a tourist and have travelled around the world my entire life. From Bali to Budapest, Italy to Iran, I have roamed every alley, every street, and every road. Some of those experiences are amazing, and some of them are unimpressive. But the experience I gathered is more than what I can ever have.

Today, I will share one of my favorite experiences; travelling like a VIP. In this VIP travel experience blog, I will share my personal experience with Bali Tour. The tour has not only changed my entire overview of travelling but also forced me too obsessed with VIP travelling. But Before I disclose my own experience, I want to tell you about my point of view.

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Travelling in My Opinion

In my opinion, there are two types of travel you can experience. One where you compromise all your comfort and expectations only to enjoy the beauty of the location. The Second one is where you get the best experiences and luxurious treatment along with other facilities and enjoy the vacation and the scenario.

Now you may think that getting a VIP experience will cost you all your savings, but technically it will cost you less than what you spend on the street to Roam in a single night. When I was a kid and always dreamt of travelling and staying in a cottage-style hotel near the sea beach with all the luxurious treatment and fantastic food. But growing up forced me to accept that travelling and VIP experiences are not cheap until I get my fantastic VIP experience.

vip travel experience blog

Tips to Plane A VIP Tour

I want to share my secret to transforming any travel experience into a VIP travel experience.

  •  Plan Your Trip Before Step Down – Now, all of you who love to travel like me, I believe you know the importance of planning. A VIP experience requires perfect planning and execution of those plans according to the timetable. Only then will you be able to enjoy your vacation like a VIP.
  • Get Enough Time to Rest- It is not about VIP experience or cheap experience. A Vacation or a tour meant to give you some rest. If you continuously force yourself to do activities without giving your body a rest, the travel will eventually give you stress instead of relaxation. So, to experience the most luxurious VIP experience, plan some activities that will offer you peace, such as yoga, massage, spa, and other related activities.
  • Picked Up by The Resort-Traveling with public transport is always a part of the entire travel. Even I prefer to travel using public transport, but only to enjoy the appearance of the locals. But I generally avoid using public transport to reach the resort; I prefer the resort’s pick and drop service. This particular decision allows me to enjoy my vacation from the moment I step down to the location.
  •  Say Yes to Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience – My rule toward vacation and travelling is quite simple. I will enjoy staying at the resort with all the services they provide and give my body a little rest; then I will look for some activities to gather all the fantastic memories. Collecting memories is easy if you find a “Once-in-a-lifetime experience” option. For example, I experienced diving in the deep blue sea of majestic Manta rays in Bali, Indonesia. The silence of the atmosphere and the dim light of the sun instantly took me to another verse. The experience removed my lifelong stress, and I realized that no matter what happened in the past and what will happen in the future, I will let all the worries go. I belong to nature. The experience changed my entire life, and now I am writing this VIP travel experience blog for you. I am sure you can imagine how this Once-in-a-lifetime experience changed my life.
  • Enjoy the Meal-Now no matter what type of food you like when you go for a vacation, if you do not enjoy your meal, you have not enjoyed your holiday correctly. I usually love to eat my meal in the corner of the dining room, with a calm and peaceful atmosphere and a magnificent view. The lavishing local food served with a touch of specialty and royalty makes me feel like a queen treated by her associates.
  • Private Tour- Another thing I prefer nowadays to enjoy my VIP travel experience is a private tour. Whether I roam on the road, dive in the deep blue, or even go up into the sky to enjoy the view from the top, I asked the travel planner to book my private tour with a guide. That helps me to avoid all the hassle and enjoy my peaceful vacation.
  • Tour Planner- The last on the list and probably the immediate step toward my tour is choosing the right tour planner. With my experience, I can assure you that without a tour planner, you will not be able to receive a fantastic VIP travel experience. And it is the result of those amazing tour planners and their services that helps me to write these VIP travel experience blogs.
    Now I can assume if you are reading this blog, it means you are planning to go somewhere and want to experience luxurious VIP experiences. These are my seven top tricks to transform my usual trip into VIP travel. And now, as promised, I will share my personal experience of Bali, Indonesia.

My Quick Tour to Bali

I went to Bali in December 2021. It was only a seven days tour. I know what you are thinking: exploring Bali in seven days is impossible. But what can I do? I only had these seven days and did not want to have that same experience. So, my pre-vacation plan was searching for the right tour planner. And my partner and I quickly searched for a famous tour planner in Bali. You can also search the internet and choose a tour planner according to your preference.

vip travel experience blog

On the first day, we reached the Ngurah Rai International Airport at 9 am, and after the whole process was done, we went outside. Our tour planner was there to receive us, holding a welcome message in his hand. He drove us to the resort. We wanted to enjoy the vacation peacefully, so we chose the resort near the beach. The resort met all my criteria, including the food, private tour, activities, and relaxation.

No wonder the resort’s excellent services helped me experience my VIP tour within my budget. I did not have to experience the hassle of public transport; I enjoyed all the relaxation phrases like spa, massage, swimming in the sea, cold glasses of colorful cocktails, night parties near the sea, and the fantastic hospitality of the local community. And in this trip, my one-in-a-lifetime experience was diving into the deep.

Final Words

Having a VIP experience is not that expensive or something that we can imagine enjoying in our life. It depends on your ability to find the right tour planner. The right planner will always provide you with the best service so you can gather every experience as a VIP experience. And who knows, your next trip will make you write a VIP travel experience blog like me.

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